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Your Top Questions People Ask About Florida: Answered!

I hear the funniest questions about Florida. As a result, I thought let me answer them. Today’s post is about the Top Questions People Ask About Florida. Ready?

Florida is a state that is known for its warm weather, beautiful beaches, and partying on South Beach in Miami. Definitely a popular tourist destination which means many have questions about what to expect when visiting the Sunshine State.

Here are some of the top questions people ask about Florida.

One common question people have is about the weather in Florida. That’s actually not an easy question to answer.

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Yes, it’s a tropical climate which is what Florida is known for, but it’s more than that. Northern Florida which is where I live, can dip into the 20s during the winter months.

Summer months generally bring high humidity and hot temps throughout the state. An ocean breeze definitely makes a huge difference versus being inland where I live or in Orlando which is where Disney World is.

You will be HOT. Us Floridians are hot. We go north during the summer for a vacation.

On top of that, visitors should be prepared for occasional rain showers and the possibility of hurricanes during hurricane season, which runs from June to November.

We often say we have 4 seasons: tourist and non-tourist as well as hurricane and non-hurricane.

Another question people often ask about Florida is what to do and see. From the theme parks of Orlando to the beaches of Miami, there definitely is no shortage of attractions and activities in the state.

Visitors can also explore the Everglades National Park, take a stroll through historic St. Augustine, or enjoy the nightlife in Key West.

Head over to the Florida Panhandle for some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see. Then stop at some of the crystal clear natural springs not found elsewhere.

Questions People Ask About Florida: Weather

Yes, Florida is known for its warm and sunny climate, making it a popular destination for tourists and retirees. However, it is important to keep in mind as mentioned above, the weather can vary depending on the time of year and location within the state.

During the summer months, temperatures can reach as high as the mid-90s Fahrenheit (35 °C) with high humidity.

Thunderstorms are also common during the summer months, often occurring in the afternoon or evening. When I lived in the Miami area, we would have daily showers about 3 p.m.

Winter temperatures in Florida are generally mild, with average temperatures ranging from the mid-50s to mid-60s Fahrenheit (12-18 °C). However, temperatures can occasionally drop below freezing in northern parts of the state.

It’s important to keep in mind that Florida is also often a direct target for hurricanes. The main months are for the Atlantic hurricane season from June to November. Similar timeframe for hurricanes that come up the Gulf of Mexico as well.

Residents and visitors should stay informed about weather updates and be prepared for potential storms. Check the weather daily.


Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, theme parks, and natural attractions.

The top attractions that visitors can enjoy are:

  • Walt Disney World: This world-famous theme park is located in Orlando and is a must-visit for families with children. It features several theme parks, water parks, and entertainment options.
  • Universal Studios: Another popular theme park located in Orlando, Universal Studios is known for its thrilling rides and attractions based on popular movies and TV shows.
  • Florida Keys: Heaven on Earth. One of the most beautiful places in the world.
  • Everglades National Park: This unique ecosystem in southern Florida is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including alligators, panthers, and manatees. Visitors can take airboat tours to explore the park’s wetlands and see its wildlife up close.
  • Kennedy Space Center: Located on Florida’s east coast, the Kennedy Space Center is a must-visit for space enthusiasts. Visitors can tour the center’s exhibits and learn about NASA’s history and current missions.


Florida is also known for its beautiful beaches that attract millions of visitors every year. Below I have put information on my favorite beaches to help you plan your vacation.

Questions People Ask About Florida: What are the best beaches?

Florida has many great beaches, and the best one for you depends on your preferences. Some popular options include:

  • Clearwater Beach
  • Panama City Beach
  • Siesta Key
  • New Smyrna Beach
  • St. Augustine Beach

Are there any dog-friendly beaches in Florida?

There sure are! There are several dog-friendly beaches in Florida. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Fort De Soto Park
  • Brohard Paw Park
  • Gulfside Beach

Can we have a bonfire on the Beach in Florida?

Beach bonfires are allowed on SOME Florida beaches, but the rules vary depending on the location.

In general, you need a permit to have a beach bonfire, and there may be restrictions on the size and location of the fire.

The best thing to do is check with the local authorities before planning a beach bonfire.

What are the dangers of swimming in Florida beaches?

While Florida beaches are generally safe for swimming, there are some potential hazards to be aware of. Be sure to check the flags flying near the beach before entering the water.

A few you should be aware of include:

  • Rip currents
  • Jellyfish stings
  • Shark attacks
  • Sunburn and heat exhaustion

It’s important to follow the posted signs and warnings as well as wearing sunscreen and staying hydrated.

Theme Parks

Florida is known for its theme parks, which attract millions of visitors each year.

Here are the top questions people ask about theme parks in Florida:

What theme parks are in Florida?

Florida is home to several popular theme parks, including:

  • Walt Disney World
  • Universal Studios Florida
  • SeaWorld Orlando
  • Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

What is the best time to visit theme parks in Florida?

The best time to visit theme parks in Florida is during the off-season, which is typically from September to November and January to February.

During these months, the crowds are smaller, and the weather is cooler. The busiest times are during Spring Break and the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. Halloween can also be a crowded time.

How much does it cost to visit a theme park in Florida?

The cost to visit a theme park in Florida varies depending on the park and the time of year. Some parks offer discounts for Florida residents or for purchasing tickets online in advance.

Expect to pay around $109 – $189 per person for a one-day ticket to a major theme park DEPENDING on the time of year.

Questions People Ask About Florida: What should I bring to a theme park?

When visiting a theme park in Florida, it’s important to bring sunscreen, comfortable shoes, and a refillable water bottle.

Some parks allow outside food and drinks. Be sure to check the park’s policies before you go.

Are there any height or age restrictions for rides at theme parks in Florida?

Most theme parks in Florida have height and age restrictions for certain rides. These restrictions are in place for safety reasons and are strictly enforced. Be sure to check the park’s website or ask a staff member for details.

Questions People Ask About Florida: Retirement

Florida is a popular destination for retirees due to its warm climate, low cost of living, and abundance of recreational activities.

To be honest? It’s not as cheap to live here as it was when I first moved to the state in the 90s. It depends on where you want to live, how close you are to the water, and if you are in a large city or in a rural area like I am.

Here are some frequently asked questions about retiring in Florida:

  • What is the cost of living like in Florida?

Florida has a relatively low cost of living compared to other states. There are no state or city taxes to pay. Sales tax is higher, but that keeps the other costs of living here lower.

The cost of housing varies depending on the location.

  • What are the best cities for retirees in Florida?

If you are on a limited income, your best options are in the smaller, rural areas. Prices to purchase land or a home are significantly less than in the busier cities.

If income is not a factor, the best cities for retirees in Florida include Sarasota, Naples, Ocala and the Villages and St. Augustine. These cities offer a variety of amenities such as beaches, golf courses, and cultural attractions.

Additionally, locations like the Villages have a large population of retirees which can make it easier to meet new people.

  • What are the healthcare options like in Florida?

Florida has a variety of healthcare options available for retirees. The state has numerous hospitals and medical centers, as well as specialized healthcare facilities for seniors.

Additionally, many retirees choose to enroll in Medicare which can help cover healthcare costs.

Warm climateHigh humidity
Lower cost of living that most
cities and states
High hurricane risk
Abundance of recreational activitiesHigh crime rate in some areas

Overall, Florida is a great place for retirees to live due to its warm climate, low cost of living, and abundance of recreational activities.

However, it is important to consider factors such as hurricane risk especially if you are near either the Gulf Coast or Atlantic Ocean sides of the state.

In addition, crime rate will also vary depending on where you are located.

Real Estate

Florida is known for its flourishing real estate market, attracting buyers from all over the world. In the past few years however, home prices as well as land costs SOARED making it difficult for most to purchase.

Also rent increased significantly in many areas. IF you could find a rental.

Here are some frequently asked questions about real estate in Florida:

What is the average home price in Florida?

The average home price in Florida varies depending on the location. According to Zillow, the median home value in Florida is $378,000 as of February 2023.

However, this can range from as low as $150,000 for a mobile type home in some areas to over $7 million in others. You simply need to do your research to find what works best for you.

Are there any property tax exemptions in Florida?

Florida offers several property tax exemptions for homeowners, including the Homestead Exemption.

This homestead exemption of a $25,000 exemption is applied to the first $50,000 of your property’s assessed value if your property is your permanent residence, and you owned the property on January 1 of the tax year.

There are also exemptions for disabled veterans, senior citizens, and widows and widowers.

What are the closing costs when buying a home in Florida?

Closing costs in Florida typically range from 1% to 3% but can be up to 5% of the purchase price of the home. These costs can include title insurance, attorney fees, appraisal fees, and more. It’s important to budget for these costs when buying a home in Florida.

Is it a good time to buy a home in Florida?

No. Interests rates are significantly higher than they previously were. Add in the increased cost to purchase a home makes it unrealistic for many to buy at this time.

Various areas may be better than others for home value, so it’s important to do your research. I also strongly recommend working with a trusted real estate agent to find the best deals and opportunities especially if you are located outside the state.

Can foreigners buy property in Florida?

Yes, foreigners can buy property in Florida. However, there are some additional steps and requirements, such as obtaining an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) and working with a real estate attorney who is familiar with international transactions.

That pretty much covers most of the questions I am often asked. Florida is a state that has something for everyone. From the beaches to the theme parks, there is no shortage of things to do and see.

While there are certainly some downsides to living in Florida, such as the heat and humidity, the positives far outweigh the negatives at least in my opinion. I do not see myself living anywhere else.

The decision to vacation and even move to Florida is a personal one that will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

If you are looking for a state with a warm climate, beautiful beaches, and plenty of opportunities for fun, adventure and living life outdoors, then Florida is definitely at the top of the list.

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