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How to Make the Perfect Ranch Water Cocktail

There’s nothing like a refreshing cocktail on a hot day or at the beach. One of my new favorites? Ranch Water Cocktail.

I really enjoy a clean, crisp cocktail when it is hot outside or while on vacation. Don’t get me wrong though. I still LOVE my Bushwacker Beach Cocktail. A dessert in a glass.

During the day? A creamy cocktail is too heavy especially if you are active on the beach.

I previously published the recipe for Swamp Water but love Ranch Water just as well.

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I’ve put a link to all the beach cocktails below, so you can get the instructions to make your favorites. Now let’s talk about the refreshing Ranch Water Cocktail.

What exactly is ranch water?

Ranch water is a type of long drink that originated in West Texas. It typically consists of vodka or tequila, sparkling water, and lime.

Some variations of the ranch water include adding fruit juices or other flavoring agents.

I do not. I prefer as clean as possible, but you should experiment and see what you like the best.

How To make the perfect ranch water cocktail?

Here are a few tips:

First, use high-quality vodka or tequila. I prefer tequila. Not sure about you but Vodka always sneaks up on me. One minute I’m fine, the next minute, drunk.

The tequila I prefer and use is Patrón Silver. It is better tasting to me. For vodka, my choice is usually Grey Goose again better tasting.

Next add fresh lime juice. Fresh lime juice makes such a difference in flavor. You can use premade if you need to but if possible, buy limes to squeeze fresh juice.

Finally, add sparkling mineral water. My pick is Topo Chico and you can find it in any store.

If you do not like the taste of mineral water, you can always use sparkling water. This will help to give your cocktail a refreshing, bubbly texture.

As a finishing touch, add a little bit of salt to the glass and garnish with lime. This will help to bring out the flavors of the ingredients.


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