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How to make a Beach Painkiller Cocktail

This past weekend you would have found me on the beach on Amelia Island. Amelia Island is a bit north of Jacksonville and one of my favorite places. Let’s just say that after this trip, I have a new favorite cocktail. A Beach Painkiller Cocktail but I’ll come back to that.

Amelia Island is one absolutely gorgeous place to take a vacation or mini-break guide for the best beaches on the island you can grab here: best beaches in Amelia Island. It’s definitely one of my favorite places I hit several times a year.

We camped on the beach this visit. My second camping trip on the island, and it was the night of the full Harvest Moon. The views on the beach at sunset were spectacular.

Me on the beach at Fort Clinch State Park at sunset.

So many of us think we have to book these elaborate getaways. My trip this past weekend to Amelia Island was less than $150 and that included my campsite, food and bike event I attended with friends early Sunday morning.

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During the day, you would have found us visiting Fort Clinch and downtown Fernandina Beach. There are so many things to see and do on this little island.

After exploring most of the day Saturday, we jumped in the car and headed over to the beach for an early dinner. We enjoyed a nice dinner literally on Fernandina Beach.

We parked right on the beach and walked over to Sliders. Sliders Seaside Grill never disappoints. But this time, I decided to try a new beach cocktail. I’m so glad I did. One word? YUM!

Your choice of scrumptious entrées and cocktails to indulge in. I chose a chicken sandwich and a Painkiller Cocktail. First time for me but it was out of this world delicious.

You know me. I live, breathe, eat and drink the beach. So today I had to recreate this amazing drink for you to enjoy.

Below are the few ingredients you will need to create this Beach Painkiller Cocktail. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Let me know!

How to make a Beach Painkiller Cocktail

Painkiller Beach Cocktail

What’s the history of a Painkiller? British Virgin Islands was owned by Daphne Henderson created all this deliciousness in a glass.

The bar, Soggy Dollar Bar, did not have a dock. To get to the bar, folks had to swim to shore. And back to their boats.

The “secret” drink, Painkiller, was crated by Ms. Henderson in the 1970s. When you taste it yourself, you will quickly see how it has survived 50 years!

Painkiller Ingredients

It is actually quite easy to make this cocktail. These are the few ingredients you will need:

  • 2 oz of Rum
  • 4 oz of pineapple juice
  • 1 oz orange juice
  • 1 oz of cream of coconut
  • Top with fresh grated nutmeg to taste

Pour ALL the ingredients into a shaker cup filled with ice. Next? Shake then pour into your glass and top off with grated nutmeg. My mouth is watering just thinking about this heavenly beach cocktail.

painkiller cocktail ingredients

Beach staycation? Add a little umbrella and slice of orange or pineapple as garnish. Enjoy!

p.s. Try my #1 Bushwhacker cocktail next. Get the recipe here: How to make a frozen Bushwacker drink.

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