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Beach Inspired Dinners For When You’re Not At The Beach

Ah.  The beach.  I’m always ready to travel at a moments notice. My bag is always about 75% packed. But my beach vacations are definitely my most relaxing trips – whether I’m with family and friends or by myself. There’s just something about that beach vibe. Don’t you agree?

Everything seems to slow down a bit.  We take walks along the shore.  We stop and pick up shells to add to our collections.  We even try new foods and drinks.  Thinking back to my recent beach camping trip, I got to thinking why don’t we embrace this laid back style when we’re not at the beach.  An easy way to start is with beach inspired dinners.

I don’t know about you but I have so many favorite foods when I’m at the beach.  Matter of fact, I have so many that I may need to extend my beach vacations a few days.  One of the best things about meals at the beach? They’re generally easy but delicious.

This week, why not include a few of your favorites for dinnertime.  If you need a few ideas, these are my favorites.  Mangia! Eat up!

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Beach Inspired Dinners

  • Anything shrimp.  That’s my personal opinion and I’m sticking by it.  Anything shrimp screams the beach to me.  My favorites? Blackened shrimp and coconut shrimp. Delish!  blackened shrimp recipe
  • Fish.  There are so many local, fresh fish to try when you’re at the beach. Take a trip to Whole Foods – by far the BEST grocery for fresh anything including fish – and create a light, delicious dinner your family will beg for more.
  • Fresh fruit screams beach.  Eat fresh fruit such as pineapple, bananas, strawberries and any other fruit that reminds you of the beach as a light dessert.
  • Burgers. Actually burgers are good anytime but I know for me, most of the time I do order a burger at the bar & grills that sit right on the beach. And they’re fantastic!
  • Chicken & veggie or fish & veggie skewers made with fresh veggies and fruit.
  • Salads.  Any salad really.  Fresh veggies is what it’s all about. Add a light berry vinaigrette dressing.
  • Tacos.  Whether you choose chicken, tuna or shrimp, you’ll definitely feel like you’re at the beach with a fresh taco dinner.  Add a freshly made margarita or low carb Sex On The Beach Cocktail if you’re watching your carb intake.  Low Carb Sex On The Beach Cocktail Denise Sanger Travel Blog
  • And my favorite thing to do?  A hodge podge.  Mix and match everything and anything that reminds you of the beach and have a fiesta at home.

Keep those beach inspired memories alive while you’re waiting for your next beach vacation. Ocean breeze sets you free.




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