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Christmas, Florida. Why you Should visit

Christmas, Florida? Not Christmas in Florida but an actual city named Christmas? Sure is!

Honestly? I had not heard about this city until a travel alert came up for it. It’s a really cute little town, so I wanted to quickly tell you about it.

I love quirky, small towns and this is one. Funny enough, this city is known for the largest alligator that lives there. Swampy is 25 years old and a whopping 200 feet long.

200 feet long you say? Well, it’s 200 feet long as it was built to be the entrance to an attraction that was to be called Jungle Adventures.

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You can visit and snap a photo with this giant gator today. Jungle Adventures is home to live guided wildlife encounters with rare Florida panther, primates, gray wolves, various deer, tropical birds, reptiles and mammals.

Be sure to make time for the river cruise. As you enjoy a peaceful trip down a private river, watch for alligators. It is said there are more than 200 alligators that live in that river.

What else is there in Christmas, Florida to see and do? I’ve recapped below for you. Christmas is an easy drive from nearby Orlando making it the perfect day trip.

What To See In Christmas, Florida

In addition to Swampy, there are a few other things to put on your must-see list. They are:

Christmas Tree

Christmas, Florida has a decorated Christmas Tree and nativity scene on display year round. Check the street signs, and you visit, and you will see street names such as Candy Cane, Frosty, and Christmas Road.

Fort Christmas

Fort Christmas built by more than 2000 troops and volunteers in 1837. It opened on Christmas Day and is one of 200 forts built during the Second Seminole War.

You can visit the fort today and explore the historic buildings and homesteads. But you cannot visit the fort on Christmas Day as it is closed for the holiday.

Christmas Postmark

In addition to being named Christmas, this little town gets quite busy during the holiday season. Many folks flock to get their mail stamped Christmas by the town’s post office.

Explore The Outdoors

Christmas, Florida is surrounded by beautiful marshlands. Explore nearby Orlando Wetlands Park as well as Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area. You can even enjoy an airboat ride down the St. Johns River.

There are a few other nearby State Parks and WMA’s to visit if you love hiking trails. The central part of Florida, away from the theme parks, is absolutely gorgeous.

And there you have it! Great stop during the holidays or any time of the year you are nearby in Orlando.

The following will help you plan your trip to Christmas, Florida

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