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Beach beauty tips to protect your skin.

Beach beauty tips.

Ah the good old days. Lying on the rooftop, slathered with baby oil, getting our tan on. Little did we know how that would affect our skin as we got older. I’m guilty of this myself and was quite proud of my brown skin every summer. But now we know better. A few beach beauty tips that take minutes will keep your skin safe while you’re enjoying the beach, lake, river, pool or whatever you’re doing this summer.

Most days you will find me without make-up as I’m either teaching fitness classes and sweating or I’m writing about my latest adventure like Ponte Vedra Beach. There are several things I do though to keep my skin looking as good as it does. Yes genetics has a lot to do with it and my olive skin still tends to be oily even at 60. I am religious however about taking time to do the simple things below to keep my skin looking it’s best:

Moisturizing face mask
  • Moisturize. By far number one is to moisturize my skin. Every morning and evening. After spending a day on the beach there is nothing that feels more luxurious than a chilled moisturing mask. Face masks help hydrate our skin. There are some fantastic ones at Sephora but this one is my favorite Sweet Picks Summer Essentials.
  • Sunscreen. First thing you should do every morning after you brush your teeth? Apply sunscreen. Liberally especially to your face. Gone are the days when we can simply wash our faces and head out the door. We all know that the ozone layer is not protecting us as well as it used to. Put on sunscreen at least 15 minutes before you plan to walk out the door. It’s easiest for me to simply slather it on first thing in the morning. If I’m at the beach or on the water kayaking, I’ll reapply several times throught out the day.
  • Apply a coat of sunscreen to your lips. The lips are one of the most overlooked things on the body when preparing to spend a day outdoors. I use good old Burt’s Bees All Weather Moisturing Lip Balm with SPF protection. So affordable I have one in every beach bag, my hiking pack, my kayak bag and cars.
  • Even with taking all the precautions above before hitting the beach or heading out for the day, we can still get burned. Aloe. Aloe. Aloe. I have two aloe plants in my yard and they have saved me many times when I’ve gotten sunburned. Simply cut off a portion, slice it open and apply the cooling gel directly to your skin. It feels amazing and also acts as a moisturizer at the same time.

Easy peasy right? And simply taking a few minutes each morning on your skin will save you all day long so you can enjoy every moment of summer.

Keep living the Boho Beach lifestyle!

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