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Holy BMR Batman!

Wonder what Batman’s BMR would have been?

The old Adam West and Batman TV series has an almost cult-like following. For me, I preferred Robin over Batman but when the series launched in 1966, I would have been five years old. Those that are not children born in the 50’s or 60’s, may not be familiar with the old school TV show Batman but it was pretty cool. Unfortunately, Adam West recently passed away but his Batman spirit will continue to live on in reruns and also on YouTube and Netflix.

What I remember the most about the Batman TV show were those cheesy words that used to pop up in word bubbles on the screen during the “fight” scenes. “POW” “BOOM” “KA-POW” “CRASH” and many more.  Compared to today’s extremely gory fight scenes, Batman’s scenes could be watched by children which makes me miss the old school TV shows on the three channels we used to get on our TV. Explain that to a teenager today!

Batman recently triggered a memory for me when I was ready to “Ka-Pow” my scale out the front door. This past month, I’ve been exercising about twice what I normally would in a week so decided to get on the scale to see what the status was.  Weight up.  I’m like how in the world could I be exercising as much as I have been and not only did I not lose one ounce but gained weight?

The scale showing a tick-up and a few conversations had me rethinking my nutrition. After all, abs are made in the kitchen we are always told.  During football camp, I was able to listen to Beth Harris talking to the team about their nutrition. She had them pull out their phones and calculate their BMR. (BMR is   Basal Metabolic Rate and is the amount of energy you expend each day when at rest.) She then proceeded to help them determine what they should be eating to sustain their activity levels on game day so they can have a strong fourth quarter.

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Then last week during a conversation with my friend and coach, Coach Becky, brought it to the forefront. I told her I hadn’t been feeling so great the past week.  She asked me if I have been eating enough.  I just looked at her.  You would think listening to Beth would have MAYBE jogged my thinking that I should look at my nutrition. Nope. It took talking to Becky to get me to go home, type BMR calculator into Google to get hit in the head that my nutrition was off. WAY OFF.

I get it. I really do.  Sometimes we are in the right frame of mind when someone gives us information. Other times it goes over our heads.  For me it took two different conversations for the light-bulb to go off so I could take a step back and figure out why I had been feeling like crap.  I had been not been eating what my body needed to not only maintain its basic functions but to supply energy for the increase in activity.

In addition, when we are so drastically off in our nutrition, we may actually gain weight. Why? Our body could go into protective mode and store the food we give it because it is not sure when it will receive fuel again.  The body’s main concern is to protect our internal organs so that it can function.  No wonder I was not feeling so hot.

So what happened?  Well I haven’t chucked my scale out the door – YET. But if you drive by my house on a Monday morning, you may want to be sure to duck.  What actually happened was I have gone back to the basics.

If this article has you thinking, take a moment, visit Google and search for calculate BMR and see where you actually are. Like me, you may be in for a big surprise.  Forget about those 1,000 calorie per day diets.  Your body is unique to you and often changes throughout our lives.  Always remember one size will not fit all.

Now that you have your BMR, keep a journal of your nutrition and exercise. My Fitness Pal is easiest for me as I can update it throughout the day on my phone.  For the first seven days or so, only keep track of what you are eating along with your activity levels. This will give you a good starting point so you can make adjustments to not only reach your goals but feel better too.

In five days or so, take a moment to think about how you feel now versus when you started.  If you have been off with your nutrition, you may find that you feel pretty darn good.  Food is fuel for our bodies and we must be sure to keep the tank full.

Have a great week!

To your health,


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