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No “falling” for you this year.

The past few mornings when I head out to feed the horses (I have three rescue horses), I can smell a change in the air. I’ve been noticing that change usually end of August since I was a kid in Ohio and it seems no matter where you live, it’s there.

This year has literally sprouted wings and flown by as far as I’m concerned. I know many others feel the same way. Seems the older we get the faster time goes by.

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Sunday morning, it was cooler than it has been for weeks so I grabbed a cup of coffee and headed to the back porch to watch the sunrise. I enjoyed the morning. Let my thoughts flow from the smell of Fall to thinking about protecting ourselves from falling, I started planning for the upcoming week’s fitness classes – specifically the Gentle Flow Yoga class I teach.

Don’t let the term “gentle” fool you. This is a full blown yoga class that I’ve designed specifically to focus on strength, flexibility and most important? Balance. The difference between this class and other more popular “fitness” yoga classes is that we move slower focusing on strengthening the mind/body connection. We are aware of our breathing as we gently transition from pose to pose.

An important aspect of this class is core strength for many reasons. Your core is literally the center of everything you do and is the area from your hips to your shoulders, front and back. It is also what keeps you upright and allows you to do most of the activities you do on a daily basis. Bending, twisting, standing, walking and even putting groceries away is your core hard at work. In addition, a strong core can help prevent you from falling.

Core strengthening exercises.

As we get older, the core is one of the first parts of your body to get weaker. Yoga class not for you? It’s okay! You can get all the benefits of strengthening your core at home. Here are a few exercises you can start today to build AND maintain core strength (remember to always talk to your doctor before beginning any new exercise program):

  1. Side bends. Standing or sitting in a chair, pull those shoulders back, chest up, nice long neck. Place your right hand on the side of your head and stretch the left arm out to the side. Now mimic the motion of bending toward the floor by leaning to the left side. Repeat on other side.
  2. Pelvic tilts. Sitting on a sturdy chair, take a deep breath then exhale as you pull your belly button in as if you plan to place it on your spine. This hollows your belly as you tuck your pelvis. Inhale and release.
  3. Planks. You know I am a HUGE fan of planks because this exercise works all your muscles including those found deep in your core. If you cannot get on the floor, you can easily plank against the wall or against a sturdy chair. Place your forearms on the floor or wall or hands against the back of a chair. Now step back until your head, neck, hips and feet form a nice line. Concentrate on tightening your abs by visualizing putting your belly button on your spine and squeezing your glute muscles. Hold this position while you count slowly to 10 working your way up to a 30 count.

Strengthening your core will make all your daily activities easier. And remember NEVER stop moving. Have an amazing week!

To your health,


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