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The MOST important healthy eating tip to follow.

Clean Eating. Zone. Paleo. South Beach Diet. Should you eat potatoes?  What about bread? Is it okay to eat fruit?  There is one thing though that all of these programs have in common and probably the most important healthy eating tip that we will get to further in the article.

Healthy or clean eating can be confusing for many of us. Our doctors tell us to eat healthy. Magazines tell us clean eating is the way to go. But what exactly do those terms mean?  Before you decide to give up, let’s clear up some of the confusion with one simple but important tip. Ready? Eat less sugar.  

You expect to find sugar in candy or cookies but sugar, especially processed sugar such as white sugar, fructose, glucose, is in foods you would never expect.  The first time I looked at the ingredients in salad dressing and read sugar, I was speechless.  It’s in ketchup, cereals, and bread which makes sugar public enemy number one. Did you know there is a chocolate chip energy bar marketed as organic that actually has 2 grams more sugar than a Snickers candy bar?  

Sugar is not all bad though.  In it’s natural state in fruit or vegetables, it help our bodies function.  It is the added sugar you have to watch out for.  Not only can sugar lead to major weight gain, it shoots your insulin levels up which can lead to other serious diseases. Do I have your attention now?

It’s time to get control of that sweet tooth once and for all.  These two simple tips will help you cut back on sugar:

  • Cook for yourself.  When you cook your own meals, you know EXACTLY what ingredients you are using. If you don’t cook from scratch, take your time and read the labels of everything you put into your shopping cart.
  • Start small.  Make one small change before making another. For example, instead of cutting out your weekly dessert, eat half. Love soda and sweet tea? Have some but only drink half a glass instead of a full glass. As you do this your body will become accustomed to less sugar.

Take it nice and slow. The best thing for me when I cut out sugar was my energy level increased.  I no longer experience that mid-afternoon slump that used to have me making a bee line for the candy machine.  Now I stay on track by simply asking myself this one question: Do I really need this?

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Remember you CAN do it!  Have a wonderful week.

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