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FEAR: Forget Everything And Run OR Face Everything And Rise

FEAR: Forget Everything And Run OR Face Everything And Rise. What choice will you make?

Fear.  It can make the strongest of us literally shake in our boots. Things we fear can range from going to the doctor to fear of making mistakes to one of the biggest – fear of change.  When fear or anxiety pays us a visit, our bodies go into fight or flight mode. This frame of mind makes it near impossible for us to think straight or make decisions.

I remember when my parents moved me into the basement bedroom of our home in Cleveland, feeling afraid to go down the steps without the lights on.  Someone had to stand at the top of the stairs until I got in my room and closed that door before the lights could be turned off.  More like slammed that door because not only was it pitch black in our basement, the furnace made funky noises that sounded like someone trying to get of the laundry room.

Logically I knew no one was in that basement except me. After all my dog Buffy never paid any attention to anything when we were in the basement. If something were there she would have barked like crazy. Emotionally? It was a whole other issue that was difficult to overcome until I was older – around high school age.

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Fear can be so convincing it will cause us to talk ourselves out of our dreams. Fear will bring up our pasts. It will tell you that you should not even try. It will tell you that you are not enough.

If fear is affecting your health and wellness, it is time to get a grip on it.  First thing to do is to acknowledge your fear.  Yes you are afraid of ….. walking into the gym because people will look at you.  Trying a new nutrition program because your family will hate it.  Moving forward on your health journey because you have failed in the past.

Stop letting fear call the shots.  From me to you from a health and wellness perspective, people are very self-focused at the gym. They are really not paying much attention to their surroundings.  If they do look at you, it’s probably just that  – a glance.  Go into that gym with your head held high and don’t worry about what ANYONE thinks.

Let’s talk about nutrition. It’s true. Your family may not like your changing what they are used to eating.  Did the sky fall? No it did not.  Focus on changing YOUR nutrition and let them make the decision to follow your lead.  Kids notice what their parents do. Show them a good example.

You’ve failed in the past?  Who hasn’t?  Every single successful person you know has failed MANY times in the past. Ask them.  The difference between those that are successful and those that are not, is the successful people NEVER give up.

I’m not the slimmest fitness instructor in town.  Do I care?  Nope.  My focus is and always has been on being the best me I can be. At times, the scale was lower and at other times those numbers were higher. So what? I can run circles around most folks that are sitting on their couches.

In my morning classes, when people say they’re discouraged, my first question to them is I hear what you’re saying but may I ask how you are feeling? Do you know every single time the answer is great or fantastic?  Those little bitty numbers on that scale are one of many points to check on your wellness journey.

Fact of the matter is we have two choices when it comes to dealing with fear. We can forget everything we want to do and run for the hills OR we can face our fear and rise up to reach our goals. It is up to YOU to stop fear dead in its track.

Don’t make fear the enemy.  Fear is simply an emotion. Harness that fear and use it to propel you forward and REACH those goals.  You ARE courageous and you CAN do it. Go make it happen.

Have a wonderful week.

To your health,


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