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Must Have Beach Essentials For A Girls Trip

Girls beach trip

I will go to the beach with ANYONE that wants to go. Say the word. But there is something special about girls beach vacations. My BFF and I have been hitting the beach since our late teens starting with Edgewater Beach and Huntington Beach both on Lake Erie in Cleveland,Ohio.

Girls beach trips – or girls trips in general – are all about letting our hair down and having fun. No worries about the hubby or kiddos and simply enjoying much needed girls time. So that your next girls trip is easy breezy like my last trip with my BFF (see pic to the right), I’ve jotted down a beach essentials to be sure to pack in your beach bag.

At this point in our lives, we’ve raised our families and have taken many family beach trips. It’s time for us to have some downtime. So when we plan our beach trips, we’re focused on catching up and relaxing. In our beach bags are (Click here for my: Top 3 Beach Bags):

  • Sunblock. I used to be a Hawaiian Tropic kind of gal but my favorite these days is Sun Bum. Paraben free and cruelty free which is important to me. AND it stays on.
  • Big old sun hat. I like the floppy cotton ones that can get crushed in my suitcase and still be ready to go with a good shake like the one to the right.
  • Sunglasses. In my case, I pack my prescription sunglasses so I can see the waves. If you don’t have that problem, grab as many cute sunglasses as you can find and toss them in your bag.
  • Super cute beach cover-up. I have both a Boho inspired tunic AND black sarong that I toss into my bag to switch things up.
  • Super cute flip flops. You know my go to are Haivanas. I have four pairs now and love the first pair as much as the last pair. And they will last forever!
  • Kindle or a good book. To me, there is nothing better than wave and people watching while lying on the beach. When I start to feel like dozing, I usually grab my Kindle and read a bit. I soon find that I’ve dozed off and wake refreshed and ready for the rest of the day.
  • And most important? A super cute beach bag. This one right now is my favorite: Womens Travel Overnight Beach Bag – see below. Perfect for the beach AND easy to slip over my luggage when traveling. Big enough to put EVERYTHING on the list above in too.

There you have it. My MUST HAVE beach essentials for a girls trip to the beach. As far as what’s in our luggage? That’s fairly simple: toiletries, cute sundresses, shorts, tees, tanks and of course several swimsuits, undies and MINIMAL make-up. I’ll write about that next but everything goes into one easy to carry travel bag. After all, it’s not about looking like a celebrity, it’s about having a fantastic time with your girls.

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Chat soon friends,

Denise “the Beach Lover”

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