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Can your smartphone harm your health?

Is it time to unplug from your smartphone?

When did our phones become so smart that they made us dependent on them? How smart are we to let it happen? Are our phones harming our health in the process?  You may be very surprised by the answers to these simple questions.

We have become dependent on our phones without realizing it was happening.  It really dawned on me last week when I was getting ready to head to the gym for morning classes and thought to myself “crap! I left my phone at home.”  Did I continue on my way? You guessed it. I did not because I turned around and went back home to grab my phone.

Most of you know I am a child of the 60’s/70’s.  We were outside playing from the moment our mom’s let us out the side door in the morning.  The only times we came back to the house was when we were called for lunch or dinner. If we were out of hearing range, one of the other kids would let us know we were wanted at home.

Time to come in? That was easy also. Get your behind in the yard before the street lights came on. Simple rule to follow.  We didn’t have a phone in our back pocket for our parents to call or text us. And if we didn’t get home when we were supposed to? Your butt was in big time trouble and you could forget about playing with your friends the next day.

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Yes, technology is helpful is many ways and would be hard to live without. We have to have it in our hands, pocket or purse constantly.  But what about how it may be hurting our health? It’s almost an addiction for many people.  How many times have you gone out to do anything really and see all the faces glued to their phones.  Actually kind of scary and the increase in traffic accidents and traffic deaths is a direct result of our constant need to look at our phones.

How about when you take that phone with you when you go to sleep for the evening?  The screen alone casts a light that disrupts our natural sleep pattern.  Add to that the constant pinging, dinging, and ringing from all the texts, messages, calls and whatever else is connected to your phone and your sleep is interrupted several times throughout the evening.

As a mom, I get it. If my child needs to get in touch with me anytime day or night, I am available. That’s a given. However, the rest of the noise and light from our phone should be limited because anytime our sleep is disrupted, our health suffers.

This week, let’s all make a conscious decision to walk away from our phones when possible. Add the steps you’ll take walking away from your phone to the 10,000 you are supposed to get each day.  When you go out to dinner, leave your phone in the car and have a conversation with your family, spouse or friends.  In the evening when you go to bed, turn off all the apps you can live without for eight hours and truly get a good night’s rest.  The benefit? You’ll feel fantastic in the morning.

It’s time to step away from our phones. I’m game if you are.  Have a wonderful week friends!

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