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Trust yourself. Ask the questions.

It’s been almost five weeks since I dislocated my shoulder. After seeing the doctor a few days ago, I am now out of the sling. I have to tell you though it was not easy getting to that point. You truly do not realize how much you use something until you can’t use it!

Before this follow-up appointment, the doctor had sent me for an MRI. Found out at 57 years old that I am claustrophobic. You know what? I could have gone ANOTHER 50 years without needing to know this information.

Go for my follow-up appointment, and the first thing the doctor says to me is you didn’t have the MRI? I said no. Could not stay in that machine. He says let’s get you scheduled for an open MRI and we will get you a prescription for something to help you relax. I told him I would rather not. I don’t think I need to have it done. He looks at me and I show him that I have most of my range of motion back in my shoulder.

He then puts me through a few tests to check my shoulder. Then says you’re right. You do not need another MRI; let’s get you scheduled for rehab therapy. I told him thank you for listening to me. He told me thank you for talking to me.

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It’s important to know that I do not have a shy bone in my body and do not have a problem speaking up no matter what the circumstance. For other people that may not be as easy to do. When it comes to your health though, YOU know how you feel so it is important that you talk to your doctor. The doctor is going to recommend next steps based on what YOU tell him. You have to tell him exactly how you feel – good or bad.

There are a few things to be aware of when discussing a diagnosis or treatment options with your doctor. If your doctor does any of the things listed below when you are in for an appointment, stop him/her until you are comfortable moving on:

  1. The doctor dismisses your concerns or thoughts without discussing them with you.
  2. The doctor prescribes a treatment plan you don’t understand or are uncomfortable with.
  3. You are not given a clear description regarding your condition.

If at anytime, you feel uncomfortable, confused, or concerned, it is time to stop the doctor and have him/her explain in a way that you understand. It is okay to ask questions. The majority of doctors I have visited over the years for myself and my family welcome your questions and want to be sure you are comfortable. Ask away until YOU are comfortable.

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