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Heath secret? Just keep moving!

Is there really a health secret?

This weekend, I spent Saturday lost and confused in the woods with three great friends – Laura Barclay, Toni Greenburg, and Becky Skipper.  Actually we were competing in an Adventure Race at Hart Springs in Bell, Florida and we weren’t really lost but being lost is part of the fun – and laughter. There is nothing better than laughing so hard with great friends that your stomach hurts the next day.  This was the first time I visited Hart Springs and even with the river high, you can see that it is a beautiful park. We are truly blessed in north central Florida with the many rivers, springs and parks we have nearby.

An Adventure Race is similar to triathlon in that is has three parts – mountain biking on trails, canoeing (for this even we canoe the Suwannee which is quite high right now and kind of scary if you ask me), and hiking on trails again.  We may not have hit all the checkpoints but we did compete in each discipline and most of us (not me) made it back before the cut off time. Note to self – don’t wear sunglasses when you cannot see without glasses in the woods and sun is setting because you WILL trip on roots.

Do we do these types of events often? No.  Matter of fact this was the second Adventure Run for Laura and myself and the first one for Becky and Toni.  We range in age from 40 to 60. What is consistent for us is that all four of us have been fairly active.  We may not do the same type of exercise, but all four of us have been active in one way or another for most of our lives.

You may have read stories of athletes competing in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond.  What is common for all of these athletes no matter what their age, is that they have never stopped.  They do not stop training or competing in their sport.  In addition to physical activity, these athletes are also very active socially and engaged with other athletes plus engaged in life in general.

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Your age is just a number and age stereotypes are just that – stereotypes. The fact is that the more we practice WHATEVER it is we choose to practice, the better we become no matter what our age may be. Even more important is that the more we practice the easier it is to maintain that skill. Skills that include daily life skills such as walking.

It does not matter what your age is or even how inactive you are today.  You can change that and improve your physical and emotional health. You won’t want to start getting active by registering for a marathon in two months if you have been inactive whether you are 20 or 60 years of age.  You start slowly and have a REALISTIC plan on how to move forward to being able to reach your goal. And even more important? Is to NEVER let negative images of age, weight, gender or anything or anyone else get in the way of you reaching your healthy lifestyle goals.  Just. Keep. Moving.

To your health,


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