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That other “D” word. Discipline.

Time to address the other “D” word.

Do you know what D word I’m referring to? No, it’s not diet.  The “D” word I’m referring to is discipline. Not the type of discipline where we correct our kids.  The discipline I am referring to is more along the line of self-control and self-motivation to stay on track until we reach our goals. And that’s not easy sometimes as we all know.

How many times have you had something in the house that you REALLY wanted to eat but you knew you should leave it alone? For me, it’s chocolate.  I swear to you if there is chocolate in the house, it calls my name every single time I walk by the kitchen.  “Denise. Denise. You know you want some of this chocolate.”  Of course I want some of that chocolate!

Most of the time, I am able to ignore that pull and continue on my way. But some times knowing that chocolate is there really gets to me. I know I should toss it in the trash. Wait, I should take it out of the wrapper, smash it THEN throw it in the trash so I won’t want it anymore.  BUT my husband likes chocolate too so I leave it alone and go to battle with myself.

Some times I may not win the battle but I will win the war! How? I know not to tell myself that I cannot have something. As soon as I tell myself I can’t have something it’s ALL I can think about.  To get through it, I tell myself to wait 10 minutes and go back to what I was doing. If I wait 10 minutes and still really want that chocolate or whatever is calling my name, I will allow myself to have it. What usually happens though? I forget about it because I stopped focusing on what I was telling myself I couldn’t have.

When you turn your attention away from a negative thought – I can’t have that – to a positive thought – if I still want it in 10 minutes, I’ll get myself a piece – it makes it easier to push through.  Self- discipline is one of the hardest traits we have to learn but it’s important that we do if we want to reach any of our goals. Here are a few tips for those days when you find yourself looking for ways to push through:

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  • Set DEFINED goals.  For example, focus on a measurable goal such as I want to be able to walk one mile in three weeks versus I want to walk longer.  By setting the defined goal to walk one mile in a set time-frame, you will push toward walking longer each week to reach your goal within three weeks.
  • Remove temptations.  If you know you really cannot resist something, the best thing to do is simply remove it so it’s not easy to get to.
  • Eat regularly and healthy 80% of the time and allow 20% wiggle room. This keeps you on track but allows you a treat now and then.
  • Forgive yourself. We all mess up from time to time. Forgive yourself and get right back on track. The only thing you need to focus on is being better today than you were yesterday. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. Worry about what you’re doing.

Most important? Stop wishing and start doing.  Get up, get moving and reach your goals! Have a wonderful week.

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