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Ready to quit?

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It’s Tuesday morning and I just got back from a walk with one of my rescue dogs, Scotchie. Scotchie is a pit mix of some type and probably the most protective dog I have ever owned. Problem at home is that she doesn’t get along with my other dogs so she is an outside dog.  But when we’re walking, she definitely is the dog to have with you.

Today about 1/2 mile into our walk, 2 dogs started coming at us in a stalking way.  Scotchie instantly goes into protective mode – fur up on the back of her neck and spine and shows her teeth. ​ Luckily between Scotchie’s I’m not playing with you 2 dogs today and me yelling “No” loudly the dogs stayed far enough back for us to get off the road. 

At the corner, I called my husband to tell him we won’t be able to walk back down our street and that he’ll need to come pick us up.  He says he’ll come right then. I told him no. Let me finish walking Scotchie because she earned her walk this morning.  I could have easily called it a day and quit and let him pick us up after 3/4 of a mile but because Scotchie was with me, I was able to push through.

Have you ever felt like giving up?  Calling it quits? Me too and I’m a fitness instructor.  It’s not easy but sometimes you need to pull from deep within and take one more step.  

​Another way to stay on track is to have a fitness buddy.  Today my fitness buddy is cute, furry and has four legs but she helped me push through.

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​Remember some days will be easier than others but you CAN push through.  Believe in yourself. YOU GOT THIS!  

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