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Kayaking at King’s Landing, Apopka, Florida

Kings Landing, Apopka, Florida

The morning sunrise was absolutely gorgeous but a wee bit nippy as we headed out to Apopka, Florida – roughly three hours south of where I live in North Central Florida. My friends and I had been looking forward to this kayaking trip. We had to reschedule the first one due to a tropical storm on the weekend we originally planned. (If you love to kayak/canoe, be sure to read: A Trip to Hagen’s Cove, Florida)

When we got off the Florida Turnpike and landed in the middle of a city, I thought to myself where in the world will we be kayaking? A few minutes later as we turned into the state park where Kings Landing was located, I knew we were in for a wonderful day.

This was a very budget friendly trip. We had kayaks so our only cost outside of gas to get to the Wekiva River was $20 for putting in and getting out of the river and the shuttle back to where we parked the truck. We also packed our lunches for an impromptu picnic at Buck’s Camp – a primitive campground.

The Wekiva River is full of twists and turns. The trip is completed with the current which makes it enjoyable for all kayak or canoe levels. I myself ended up backwards several times but was easily able to turn around and get back on track.

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The paddle from start to finish is roughly 8.5 miles. We completed it in about four hours and enjoyed the wildlife we saw along the way including Blue Herons, hawks, an owl, several gators and more. One gator was HUGE! You can bet I paddled VERY quickly when I saw him sunning on the bank of the river.

Toward the end of the trip as you head under the bridge, you can hear music playing. There is a really nice set up at the marina with a few places to get a drink and sit on the river watching the kayakers come in. The folks at Kings Landing was waiting for us to help us out of the river. THAT was the most challenging part of the trip to be honest.

I paddled my kayak up onto a fairly steep part of the river bank into a fake grass area which left no choice but to step into the river to get out. I saw a few folks go down as they were trying to get out of their canoes and kayaks but luckily I wasn’t one of them.

Kings Landing and the Wekiva River is a MUST stop for kayaking and canoe enthusiasts but also fantastic for a family or friends trip. Yes I most definitely will be back.

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