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Finding The Right Swimsuit For Your Body

right swimsuit for your body

How to choose the right swimsuit for your body and feel Sexy, Comfortable And Ready To Enjoy The Beach Day

Ready to buy a new swimsuit but not sure how to find the right swimsuit for your body? Not sure about you but for me there is NOTHING worse than getting ready to go on vacation or to the beach and not feeling comfortable in your skin OR your swimsuit.

You know what I’m talking about. Either you can literally feel the back of your swimsuit pulling up into your butt crack. Or you have a little bit more around the middle these days and it feels like you have a muffin top.

Right Swimsuit For Your Body
Tankini Set

It’s okay. We’ve all been there. I’ve been there. That’s what today’s email is about.

How to choose a swimsuit you’ll feel comfortable in this summer whether you are on a beach vacation or at the pool.

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When you have the right swimsuit for you, you will be ready to sashay ALL over the beach this year.  

These following tips will help you choose the right swimsuit for your body

Most swimsuits you see advertised are displayed on perfect bodies. Most of us do not have perfect bodies.

There is more to consider than the size on the tag when looking for a swimsuit. If you’re shopping online, look at measurements.

Each designer may be different. So many times, I have chosen what I thought would be my size by number, and it did not fit. Usually too small to be honest.

Simply ignoring that “size” on the tag and choosing a suit that fits me has gotten more compliments on vacation.

Panama City Beach is where I take my longest vacation every year and have been asked where did you get that? It fits amazing.

Choose the swimsuit based on how it fits YOU and forget the size on the tag. That tag really doesn’t matter.

That is key to you feeling confident every time you put that swimsuit on. If the size of the tag bothers you that much, cut the tag out.

swimsuit bottom

Next make sure the swimsuit bottom that fits YOUR bottom and doesn’t pucker or hang. Don’t try too hard to cover all of your butt.

A swimsuit bottom that tapers up on the sides is actually more flattering on the body than one that covers your whole butt. Turn around and look in the mirror. Bend over and make sure it stays in place.

Also choosing swimsuits that elongate the torso such as a tankini will do wonders for the body. The two piece design is amazing for covering flaws and helping the legs look long. It also moves with you.

Next opt for one color bottoms over prints. Dark colors are more flattering to the body.

To add interest, choose a print top and pair it with a solid bottom.

A few other tips to consider while shopping for your perfect swimsuit.

Large Bust

Right Swimsuit For Your Body One Piece

If you are large chested, opt for a swimsuit with structure. This will not only supply support where you need it, you can move freely and enjoy the day.

Petite or small busted

Choose a print for your top half and high waist bottoms. This will give the illusion of legs for miles.

Pear shaped.

If you carry more on the bottom than the top, emphasize your small waist. A great way to do this is with a two-piece suit that has a high waist and skirt.

Plus Size

Shop as you would for a large bust. You want structure. A really great options is a one-piece suit with a sheer skirt over it.

Athletic Body

You are in great shape but when it comes to your swimsuit, it often feels like you have no curves.

Give the illusion by a graphic print top and dark color bottoms. This will draw the eye up while displaying your “assets” best.

Take your time. Once you find that first suit that fits you like a glove, you will know what to look for in adding to your swimwear collection.

Most important? Try not to stress too much. Focus on having a great time. Happy women shine bright.

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