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Healthy Living: Keep It Simple

We have all heard the phrase K.I.S.S.  – Keep It Simple Silly.  This phrase is perfect when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.   Yes we may have goals of losing weight or completing an event such as a marathon or triathlon. However placing our final goal as our main goal could actually derail us.

Think about it.  If someone tells you that you have to lose 50 pounds or run 26.2 miles, it sounds crazy to someone who is not currently exercising and watching their nutrition.  But if someone tells you that you need to lose five pounds or walk one mile, it sounds like a goal we would be able to reach fairly quickly.

Breaking our goals down into bite size portions make them manageable AND easier to stay on track. This S.I.M.P.L.E guideline will help you reach your goals:

S – Start.  The most difficult step is often the first one which would be to actually start.  Instead of waiting for Monday or looking at a future date on the calendar, why not start right now – today. Get up and do one thing that will help you reach your goal.  Now you can tick off step one which is S for Start.

I – Imagine.  Imagine or visualize yourself doing the simple steps in this guideline every day. When you “see” yourself completing each step toward reaching your goals, you are better able to do what you need to do. See yourself exercising, eating clean, drinking water and feeling better every day.

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M – Motivation.  Some days may be easier to stay on track than other days. That’s where motivation comes into play. WHY do you want to get healthy? Do you want to feel better? Look better? Be able to keep up with your kids or grandkids?  Remind yourself why you are on this healthy living journey.

P – Persistence.  You are going to want to skip a day or maybe even stop.  Persistence is what will keep you moving forward.  Do you know what the number one habit is for most of us? Quitting. Don’t be a quitter. Be persistent and you WILL reach your goals.

L – Love.  Taking control of your health shows that you love not only yourself but your family too. There is nothing more your family wants than to have you around creating memories. If you don’t take care of your health, how will you be able to do that?

E – Effort.  Yes you will actually have to do something and that will require effort.  Get up and make it happen!

We often make things more difficult than they need to be.  If living a healthy lifestyle is on your to do list, today your goal is letter S. Start.  Won’t you?

To your health,


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