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Crockpot Roast Beef Recipe

One thing that is probably the hardest being married to someone who does not have to watch what they eat, is deciding WHAT to eat. I tend to watch my carbs and my husband, Len, can eat anything and everything he wants without issue. He always tells me don’t worry about it. Just eat. I love him for that but that’s easy for him to say considering he’s never had to worry about it.

Len’s mom was taught many recipes from Len’s West Virginia grandmother. Most of which are good old Southern cooking. You know what I mean – fried chicken, fried steak, fried pork chops – you get where this is going? But she by far made the BEST fried chicken and potato salad ever to grace a table! Delicious!

One of grandma’s recipes is for good old beef chuck roast. Along the way if you know me at all, you know I always look for the shortest way to get from A to Z so adapted this recipe for the crock pot. SO EASY.

The great thing about this easy yet healthy crockpot recipe is that your meal is done in one pot at the same time. I actually use whatever roast is on sale – sirloin, round, shoulder, etc.

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In our house, we usually cook our roast on Saturday or Sunday. Matter of fact, we generally cook all of our meals for the week on Saturday or Sunday. Makes things so much easier since there are just the two of now since the chicks have flown the coop and are on their own.

Ready for the complicated recipe? Here it is:

  • Beef roast (chuck, sirloin, round, etc – I choose what’s on sale).
  • Can beef broth.
  • Can cream of mushroom soup.
  • Pack Lipton Beefy Onion Mix.
  • Potatoes, carrots, onions – any root vegetable.

Chop your vegetables. Place the roast in the middle of the pot and circle it with your veggies. Add the beef broth, cream of mushroom soup, beefy onion mix and can of water. Put on the lid and select either low (8 hours) or high (6 hours) and go enjoy your day.

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When it’s time for dinner, Len and I both have the roast but I choose the carrots, onions, etc for my plate and he goes with the potatoes. This recipe even makes it’s own gravy! Easy peasy right? Best part? You can make and eat this year round because your kitchen will not get hot from turning on the oven.

One recipe for two that we can peacefully coexist and eat together. Enjoy!

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