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Doctor said no more crunches.

Can you work your core if you don’t do crunches?

About 2 months or so ago, maybe longer, I injured my right hip and I have no idea how I did it.  The last time I injured my hip, it was the left side and I knew exactly what caused it.  This time, however, as far as I was aware, I did nothing to injure my hip.

My farrier, Jack Andrews, arrived to take care of my rescue horses’ feet and saw me walking all gimpy to get the horses.  He said “Denise you need to go see my chiropractor, Dr. Workman. He can fix you right up.”  I kept thinking that it would work itself out if I was patient enough but alternating ice with heat along with Motrin wasn’t solving the problem.  So an appointment with Dr. Workman I made.

When I walked in to the office, I was greeted by a big friendly dog along with “oh you’re not doing so well, let me get you an ice pack.”  Both made me very happy while I was sitting waiting for my appointment time.  Talked to the doctor about what was going on and that I had no clue how I injured my hip when he told me, it was probably lower cross syndrome. What I call it is I sit on my butt too much while working on my business and for my marketing clients.

Crunchless Core Workout

The many years I have spent sitting in an office finally caught up with me.  And as you can’t out-exercise a bad diet, you also can’t out-exercise bad posture. The way I have been sitting has caused my pelvis to tilt which put additional stress on my hip-flexors.  So if you also sit a good part of the day, here’s your sign–>  GET UP AND WALK AROUND EVERY HOUR OR SO.

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Dr. Workman worked on my hip and lower back and also provided me with exercises to do at home.  While chatting that I teach morning fitness classes, he told me no crunches. No crunches? Why? Crunches of any type may use your hip flexors and my hip flexors needed rest.  The alternative? Planks, planks and more planks.

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Your core runs from your shoulders to your hips, front AND back. Planks are actually an amazing choice for core work because they target more of your muscle groups without stressing your back and hips. Planks keep your body naturally aligned – ears above shoulders, hips above ankles. Sit-ups can force your spine into an unnatural position versus neutral spinal alignment in a plank.

So how do you do a plank? Please check with your doctor and get the okay to work on your core doing planks.  If you go to the gym or know a fitness instructor or trainer, have them show you a modified plank.  For beginners, start with a modified plank with your arms bent and forearms on the mat underneath you and either on your knees or upper thighs.  Pull your belly button toward your spine and try to hold the plank for 20 seconds to start. When 20 seconds is no longer a challenge, hold the plank for longer periods of time.

Remember your head is a natural extension of your spine so don’t let it drop.  As you progress, you can move onto your toes while still keeping your forearms on the mat.  You CAN do it! Get up and get moving. Have an amazing week,

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