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Travel Update & Alert Florida

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Quick update for you. No new posts today as the travel site is being moved. Hopefully everything will be moved by tomorrow night (Thursday) and pending articles will launch Friday.

Catch up on the latest articles now. I’ve listed them below to make it easier to catch up plus the newest mug under that. 

The worst thing about travel right now. Travel update.

What do you think the worst thing is? The Southwest Airline issue? Overcrowded destinations? Inflation? Travel update?

If you chose inflation, ding ding ding.  You’re correct.

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I just received an alert that the RV (Recreational Vehicles) industry has stalled. This is a drastic change from 3 years ago when they could not keep up with demand.

So you’re thinking. Okay, Denise. What does that have to do with me, a beach lover? Everything.

You see the RV industry has historically been a sign that the country is headed for a recession when sales stall.  

I’m not sure if that’s true or not but wanted to pass it along. If you are planning any vacations for 2023, do your research. 

If you have the means, don’t cancel your trips but keep an eye on the deals. According to one source:

A recession might drive down rates and make trips more accessible and can provide much-needed income for business owners in the industry such as VRBO, hotels, and more. Check your favorite destinations here: VRBO or Kayak

And always keep smiling my beach loving friend and keep checking back for the latest travel update. 


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