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Healthy Living: There is WHAT in my stomach?

The good, bad and ugly in stomach. Bacteria that is.

I’m an avid reader.  Matter of fact the only time you may find me without my Kindle or a magazine is when I am at the gym.  When people ask me if I could really unplug from television, I say absolutely. As long as I can have my Kindle.

Recently a friend recommended a book to me that I have been reading and it has been an eye opener. When I first started reading it, I’m like there is WHAT in my stomach? As I continued to read the book, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place and a few things I have been experiencing began to make sense.

The name of the book is The Lose Your Belly Diet” by Doctor Travis Stork. You may have watched Doctor Stork on the TV show The Doctors.  I know who Doctor Stork is but have never watched his TV show because I am generally not in my house until later in the evening.

What I found to be the most interesting in the book is when Doctor Stork discusses the bacteria that we all have in our stomachs.  My first thought was I have WHAT in my stomach? That’s actually a common first thought when someone tells you that you have bacteria in your body because we often link bacteria with illness. The further I read though, the more interesting it became.

We all have bacteria in our stomachs and this bacteria actually has more of an impact on our health than many of us realize – myself included.  Good gut bacteria helps your body aid in digestion, manufacture the vitamins your body needs and strengthen your immune system. Pretty important stuff right?

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When you have an overabundance of bad bacteria in your stomach, your digestion is out of whack, you feel terrible, may have gas, diarrhea, heartburn,or constipation.  In addition, your skin may also show the side effects of the bad bacteria in the form of acne or eczema.

There are actually several reasons our gut bacteria can get out of whack but a few simple changes may help you get your body back on track quickly:

  • Avoid toxins.  Most of us are not even aware that the foods we eat can be causing trouble with our stomachs and digestion.  Processed foods, grain fed dairy and excessive sugar all contribute to the increase in bad bacteria in our stomach.  In addition, chemicals such as pesticides, medications and antibiotics also knock the balance out of whack.  Unfortunately, much of this may be our own fault.  We automatically take a pill or call the doctor for a prescription when we are not feeling well. The thing is that antibiotics work on bacterial infections.  Colds and other minor illnesses that are a result of viruses should not be treated with antibiotics. The increased usage of antibiotics has also caused an increase in antibiotic resistant bacteria.  It is important to discuss your illness with your doctor to determine the best treatment method but be accepting of the treatment even if your doctor tells you it will not be by an antibiotic.
  • Reduce stress.  One of the best things you can do to increase the health of your stomach is to reduce stress.  You can do this by making time to unplug and unwind. Daily exercise along with a good night ‘s sleep can also help to reduce stress.  This program may help you get your stress under control Primal Stress.
  • Probiotic Supplements. But WAIT! Not all supplements are created equal.  You may have noticed the increase in ads and commercials advising us that this product or that product includes probiotic supplements. Some people swear by these supplements but at this point there is not enough evidence to prove they work.  The best thing to do is to improve the good bacteria in your gut through removing toxins, exercise, stress reduction, increase fiber and including fermented foods such as kimchi or sauerkraut made from only cabbage and salt.

The good news is when your gut feels good, you feel good. Avoiding toxins, reducing stress and eating more fiber are all good ways to help your tummy feel better. But if you are experiencing tummy troubles – and I know I often sound like a broken record – this really is a topic you need to discuss further with your doctor.

Wishing you a wonderful week!

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