Traveling can be tricky. Especially when you are a woman over 50 or a woman at any age, actually. It’s not as easy for us as it is for younger travelers. So I have pulled together the best travel clothes for women over 50.

With long hours spent on a plane or in the car, comfort becomes a top priority. But being comfortable doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your fashion style.

What Is A Travel Capsule Wardrobe?  A capsule wardrobe of any type is a collection of basic yet key, functional clothing. And it is probably the best way not only to organize your travel wardrobe but your whole wardrobe.

How Many Pieces Of Clothing Should A Capsule Hold For The Best Travel Clothes For Women Over 50? The answer varies depending on who you ask or what you read. In general capsule wardrobes may have as few as 10 pieces for those that live minimally, but often more in the range of 20 to 30 pieces.

What Should You Have In Your Travel Clothes Capsule? Ready to pull it all together? Perfect! Separate your clothing items by day wear and night wear. Think of your color scheme and what will hold up to the rigors of travel.

Did I mention underwear yet? The best travel underwear stays in place! You do not want to be dealing with pulling underwear out from where it may have moved while sitting on a plane or in the car. Get all the tips at