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Healthy Living: Health or Healing? What choice will you make?

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Prevention or pray for miracles?

Prescription drugs versus cauliflower.  Taking a walk versus sitting on the couch while channel surfing and snacking.  Sometimes it is the way things are said that finally gets through to us and we have an ‘aha’ moment.

Today in church (Melody Church, Live Oak, Florida), Pastor Darrin said something that really hit home with me and I thought I would share it.  To make it short, he said we could choose to listen to spirit or we could choose to keep doing what we’re doing even when it doesn’t work.  I’m paraphrasing but basically we could choose to listen to spirit and do what we need to do to be healthy or we could choose to wait until we’re dealing with a health emergency and start praying for miraculous healing.  If you didn’t get that – go back and read the this paragraph again. It’s HUGE!

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I thought to myself wow! I wonder how many people have never thought of health in that way. We can choose to live our lives healthy.  Do what we need to do to first get healthy then maintain our health OR we can pray and hope for a miracle when we are ill.  The pharmaceutical industry would have you believe that you need one, three or even seven drugs to be able to live your life when in fact if you would have done what YOU know you needed to do to maintain your health, you would not need to rely on the prescriptions that you now need to take three times a day.

As an example, my mom who is 77 years young, was on medication for diabetes.  Five years ago when she first starting visiting us in the winter, she started doing Zumba and eating clean as my husband and myself do.  She continued with exercising and watching what she eats when she went back to Cleveland that Spring. Flash forward and she no longer needs to take medication for diabetes.  Why? She’s no longer diabetic!  She simply did what she needed to do and changed her nutrition and exercised.  This is a fantastic book if you’d like to learn how to eat clean:  Hungry Girl Clean & Hungry: Easy All-Natural Recipes for Healthy Eating in the Real World

The bottom line is that pharmaceutical companies make money off the doctor’s prescribing YOU medications.  They make a lot of money.  Have you taken a moment to consider what you could do to improve your health WITHOUT those medications?  There are many ways we can take control of our health but unfortunately what we often hear from our medical caregivers is that we need a, b, or c prescription. Have you ever read the very fine print at the bottom of a tv commercial or ad in a magazine?  You should because they often end with this medicine may cause death.

What we should be told is that losing just 10% of our body weight can reduce our dependence on medication for diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease and so many other illnesses that we bring ourselves.  In a world of popping pills to cure what ails us, what can you do to live your life without medication? First sit down and talk to your doctor or medical caregiver.  Never stop taking a medication without your doctor’s approval.  Ask them what YOU can change that can improve your health. The following lifestyle changes are not too hard and can get you moving forward to a healthier you:

  1. Eat healthier food  What does this mean? It means stop eating processed or fast foods and choose to eat foods as close to its natural source as possible Meaning apple over applesauce or apple juice. Eating whole foods supplies your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to function properly.
  2. Get up and get moving.  Our bodies are designed to MOVE not to sit in a chair all day.  I am one with a career which has me sitting most of the day but I make sure to get at least 30 minutes of exercise one way or another each and every day.
  3. Challenge your brain.  Just like exercise does for our bodies, we need to exercise our brains. Several studies have shown that exercising our brains along with other lifestyle changes may help us to avoid dementia. How do we exercise our brains?  Crossword puzzles, seek and find puzzles, riddles, puzzles and any other activity that challenges our brain.

Have open line of communication with your  medical practitioner.  Just because something is wrong doesn’t automatically mean that we need to take medication. Ask your doctor what you can do with lifestyle changes for a healthier you today and tomorrow.

To your health,


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