Weight Loss – Don’t Make It Harder Than It Needs To Be

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Weight loss on your to-do list?  Just a very quick post for you today to remind you don’t make losing weight harder than it needs to be.  Focus most of your effort on your nutrition and eating clean.  Eating clean means to eat real food in the proper portions – that’s it.  If there is one thing your body will thank you for, it’s not eating processed and junk food.  Choose to eat food in as close to its natural source as possible.

Also you can have a little wiggle room.  Shoot for eating clean 80% of the time and leave yourself with 20% wiggle room. As an example, this weekend both my daughters will be here Sunday for my youngest’s birthday.  Will I eat cake? ABSOLUTELY!  Will I just eat the whole cake and only the cake?  No. I will eat clean for breakfast, lunch, and dinner which is about 80% of my meals for the day. That leaves me with 20% wiggle room to enjoy that birthday cake.

Next on the list? Get up and get moving.  It will take determination but you MUST take that first step.  If you haven’t been exercising, today take a walk.  If you have been exercising, kick it up a level by adding intensity or trying something new.  The body is amazing and it quickly adapts to whatever we ask it to do so to lose weight you may have to do something different. Try a new class. Get a trainer.  Whatever it takes to move to the next level.

Finally number three.  BELIEVE in yourself.  We are bombarded with so much negativity from the time we wake-up to when we go to sleep in the evening.  It’s easy to get disgruntled and overwhelmed.  But read this statement very clearly – You have been given EVERYTHING you need to be successful not only in your fitness but any goal you want to reach.  EVERYTHING.  Now get up and get moving.

To your health,


Denise Sanger

Denise is passionate about health, marketing and giving back.  She has created and sold several businesses and now brings that knowledge and experience to helping small businesses build their brand and culture. Denise also loves helping people on their fitness journey and operates on online fitness consulting business. Reach out to Denise at denisesanger@gmail.com.