Size does matter. Watch your portions for weight loss.

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How many times have you heard the saying “size doesn’t matter?”  I guess it depends exactly what you’re talking about but when it comes to what you are putting in your body, size does matter.   You may eat clean and exercise daily but if you are not watching the portion size for your foods, it could be the very reason why you are not losing weight.

Eyeballing portions is not a good idea because most of us are not very good at estimating what a portion is. For example, cereal. The correct portion is about 3/4 cup yet most of us just pour the cereal directly into the bowl we will eat from.  Chances are that bowl  is TWO portions of cereal. Then if you refill to use up the milk, you could potentially be eating three to four times the recommended portion amount.

The best practice is to actually measure your food so that you are sure you are eating the correct portions. It’s easy to measure our food at home but if you are at a restaurant or away from home, the following is a quick guide to help you keep your portions in check:

Protein (chicken, fish, beef, pork):  A serving of chicken breast for example is three to four ounces.  This would be approximately the size of a deck of cards or take a look at the palm of your hand.

Cereal and other grains.  If your portion is one cup, visualize the size of a tennis ball.  If the portion is 1/2 cup think of an ice cream scoop.   One serving of a baked potato is approximately the size of a computer mouse.

Cheese.  One ounce serving of cheese is approximately the size of a domino.

Vegetables.  One cup of non-starchy vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, salad, tomatoes, etc.) is about the size of a clenched fist or baseball.  Try to include two cups of nutrient dense vegetables with each of your meals.

Fats.  Yes your body needs fat but be sure to choose heart healthy fats such as olive oil.  A serving size of one teaspoon is roughly the size of your fingertip.

Fruits.  Think of a baseball for a medium serving of an apple or pear.  For a serving of a banana, think of an 8″ pencil. For a 1/2 cup serving of berries such as blueberries, visualize a light bulb.

A simple trick to help us keep our portions in check and eat less, is to use a salad plate versus a dinner plate for our meals.  The same cup of food looks larger on a small salad plate than it does on a larger dinner plate.  Also remember to eat real food and avoid processed and junk foods and you will be well on your way to a healthier you. You CAN do this!

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