Want to be healthy and well? Time to face facts.

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My mother recently had cataract surgery.  After the surgery, she sent me a text to let me know all was well and that like the song she told me she could “see clearly now” and was actually a bit shaken by how bad her vision actually was. Mom lives with my sister in Ohio but visits my husband and I in Florida for about four months each year to escape the brutal Ohio winters.  Well at least the brutal winters every few years as last year was fairly mild.
When she is in Florida, Mom and I walk every morning.  As we are walking, I point things out. Many times, she couldn’t see them.  She would make excuses such as I didn’t give her time to see it because we were walking. Or she would tell me, I was looking at you and didn’t see where you pointed.  Ditto when we would be driving. I would point animals out and she would not be able to locate them including when I would pull over to pick up a turtle in the road and move it into the grass so it didn’t get hit. She would say it blended it into the road.  I told her mom, your vision is much worse than it was last year but she would just give me another excuse.  The fact of the matter was she was not ready to have the surgery.

She finally decided it was time to face facts and made an appointment to have the cataracts removed from one eye.  Do you know she said “Dee. I don’t know why I waited so long.”  And that happens to many of us.  We want to be healthy but it’s just too easy to keep those rose-colored glasses on and not face facts that we have to actually do something to get where we want to go. (This is a great book from a patient’s perspective on cataract surgery: So You’ve Got A Cataract?: What You Need to Know About Cataract Surgery)

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Some times, you have to step away from the crowd and do what’s right for YOU.

Fact one is eating healthy and exercise is key to your health. We know we need to eat better BUT.…… But I don’t have time to cook. But healthy food is too expensive. But I’m too busy running the kids around.  But my husband only likes to eat meat and potatoes. But I’m too busy to exercise. But I don’t like to exercise.  But it hurts when I exercise. I get it – I really do –  but the bottom line is if you want to be healthier you need to first decide you are going to make changes to get healthy THEN get up and make it happen. We’ve become a society of excuse makers.  It’s sad but true. So right now, it’s time to stop saying BUT.

There are a few more facts I would like to share that just might help you move forward to a healthier you.

  1. People that are active and exercise are less likely to get heart disease.
  2. “There is no doubt that just by losing 5 to 10 percent of your body weight, you can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke,” advises E. Dean Nukta, MD, medical director of interventional cardiology at Fairview Hospital, a Cleveland Clinic Hospital.  What this means is if you weigh 200 pounds, losing just 10 – 20 pounds will begin to reduce your risk.  This is the program I recommend for permanent weight loss. Why? Because it worked not only for me but my brother, best friend and more. Click here for info – 21 Day Program
  3. Ditto if you are diabetic.  Working with your doctor to lose the same 10 – 20 pounds will help you lower your blood sugar.

People reading this article will do one of three things. First group will think it is too hard to make a few simple changes and put the paper in the recycle bin. The second group of people will be the thinkers. They will need to stew on what they read in this article for a few days then they might do something to improve their health or like group one, they’ll put the paper in the recycle bin. The third group of people are the doers. They will think to themselves that what they just read isn’t really that hard to do. This group will be the ones that are healthier and will feel better and have more energy. Which group will YOU be in?

To your health,