What to use frankincense oil for in your home?

What to use frankincense oil for in your home?
12 Jul 2017

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Frankincense oil is one of my favorite oils and I use it every single day.  You may have heard of frankincense oil as it has literally been around since ancient times.  At Christmas, we hear of it as it is one of the gifts the three wise men brought for baby Jesus.

What can frankincense oil do for you?  This oil has an uplifting aroma and is often used when praying, meditating or doing yoga. Why? It is perfect for the feeling of “groundedness” you are searching for and leaves you with a feeling that you are in a safe environment.  To enhance your spiritual practicefrankincense oil denisesanger.come, diffuse frankincense oil or simple open the bottle and inhale.

In addition to using it when I do yoga, I use it daily on my face.  Frankincense oil has the ability to smooth the look of healthy skin and helps with making it brighter.  I use it both morning and evening along with organic coconut oil.

Those expensive face creams I used to use? GONE!




Denise Sanger

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