Unhealthy habits to break now.

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5 Unhealthy Habits To Break Now

It’s amazing what motivates us to make changes and what doesn’t.  Wedding?  Let’s lose weight. Being able to play with the kids or walk the dog? I’ll start exercising tomorrow.  High school reunion? Hit the gym three hours per day.  Being able to walk without huffing and puffing? I’ll start Monday.  Living a longer, healthier life?  I have time to worry about that later.  But do you really?  We do not know how many days we will walk on this earth which is why it’s important to live each day fully.

Wedding? High school reunion? Beach vacation? Nice enough reasons to think about moving forward on your health and wellness journey and I’m all for whatever gets you going.  But are those reasons strong enough for you to break your unhealthy habits once and for all?  Unfortunately, many times after the important event has passed, we fall back into our old, not so healthy ways.

Maybe a new perspective is what we need.  Instead of looking at our health and wellness from the goal you want to reach, let’s look at it from the angle of breaking unhealthy habits.  All habits, good or bad, take roughly 21 days to become ingrained in our daily lives.  Breaking bad habits can be as difficult as creating new habits so only work on one habit at a time. Ready? Let’s get started!  Below are a few bad habits we should all strive to break this year:

  • Not drinking enough water.  Many of us walk around dehydrated which can lead to serious issues.  Let’s break the habit of not drinking enough water by switching out soda or sweet tea with water.  Does not have to be EVERY drink but try to switch out every second or third drink for water and build from there.
  • Eating too late at night.  A study in “Cell Metabolism” found that mice that ate an early dinner then fasted until breakfast (about 16 hours) were slimmer than mice that ate the SAME amount of calories but ate those calories later in the evening.  Interesting right?  Yes I know we’re not mice but eating earlier then not snacking in the evening could be the way to kick-start weight loss.  Notice I did not say cut calories. The mice ate the same amount of calories.
  • Not getting enough exercise.  We all know our bodies are designed to move yet many of us simply don’t make exercise a priority in our busy days. It’s time to change that.  Now I’m not saying you need to be at the gym two hours a day. What I am saying is to increase your daily activity.  This may be as simple as taking the stairs versus the escalator or elevator.  Parking your car as far away from the store as possible so you must walk farther. Leave your shopping cart at the store door and carry your own grocery bags to the car.  Get up and walk around your house while you are on the phone.  These are all simple yet effective ways to add exercise to your day.
  • Not getting enough sleep.  I am very guilty of this one myself and feel like crap the next day when it happens. So how do we turn our brains off so we can get a good night’s rest?  Start unplugging at least an hour before bedtime. That means turn off the TV, phone, Ipad and computer. This will help signal your body that it’s time to start winding down.  It may take a few days but don’t give up.
  • Don’t buy foods because you think they sound healthy. What do I mean by this?  Skip the foods that say fat-free or sugar-free. What that generally translates to is they removed the fat or sugar BUT replaced it with something else that’s probably even less healthy.  Choose REAL foods and lean towards lean proteins, vegetables and fruits.
Treat your body as you would your spouse,child or best friend. You know what I mean. You take care of them to make sure they are happy.  Do the same thing with your body.  The better you take care of it, the better it will take care of you.


Have a wonderful day!

To your health,


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