It sounds simple doesn’t it? You want to lose weight so you cut calories and exercise more right? Well not always.  Many time we actually sabotage our weight loss and fitness by making a few simple mistakes.  The most common mistakes are:

  • Not being prepared.  You are moseying through your day when all of a sudden hunger strikes. Unfortunately, you have nothing quick yet healthy that you can grab to quell that hunger. What happens next?  The vending machine or a fast food drive through restaurant comes into view.  Not only do you choose junk or processed foods, because you’re hungry you will often overeat.  Plan your meals ahead and take them with you to work along with having healthy snacks on hand at all times.  Great options are fruit or almonds.  weight loss mistakes
  • Tell someone what your goals are.  Many times we keep our weight loss and fitness journeys to ourselves but we should tell our family and friends what we are doing. Why? Because our family and friends can be our largest support group to keep us on track.
  • Thinking you can out exercise a bad diet.  80% of weight loss is a direct result of our nutrition not exercise.  Yes exercise is important but look at it this way.  A 30 minute jog will burn about 250 calories but if you stop at Starbucks on the way home for a Grande Vanilla Frappucino that comes in at a whopping 400 calories, you can see how you may be gaining not losing weight.
  • Don’t drink your calories.  Many of us have a glass of wine or beer every so often, however, drinking on an empty stomach can lead to unhealthy food choices.   Even just a few drinks can find you over ordering off the menu plus these cocktails add hundreds of calories to your meal.  21dayfix program pic


  • Don’t tell yourself you can never have sweets again.  Saying no to cakes, donuts, and other sweets may sound like a good plan but could end up leaving you feeling deprived.  I never tell myself I can’t have something because then it turns out that it is all I want to eat!  Think balance by staying on track with good nutrition 80% of the time will leave you with 20% wiggle room to enjoy a candy bar once in a while.
  • Say no to cheat days. You have worked so hard to stay on track during the week that you should be allowed to have one cheat day right? STOP!  Don’t undo all your hard work by allowing yourself to eat whatever, whenever you want on a cheat day.  Again balance is the way to go.  You don’t need that cheat day. Stay on track on your cheat day with the 80/20 rule by allowing yourself a treat throughout the week.
  • Keep a journal.  It’s real easy to ‘THINK’ you’re on track but when you take the time to keep a journal you often find you’re not as on track as you believed you were.  Keeping a record of what/when you’re eating along with your exercise gives you a very clear picture of where you’re on or off track.
  • Don’t eat “diet” foods. Why? Because diet foods take something out and replace it with something else. For example, reduced fat peanut butter may have less fat BUT it has more sugar and salt so that it tastes good. Do yourself a favor and choose real food over fat-free, sugar-free, or reduced anything.

Simply being aware of these little mistakes will help you move forward in your fitness journey.

To your health,