If there is something that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wrap my brain around, it is when someone tells me they can’t afford to get healthy for one reason or another. They “can’t” afford to eat healthy. They “can’t” afford to go to the gym.   They “can’t” afford to hire a fitness coach to help them get started.  The recurring word here is “CAN’T”.  If there is one word to get out of your vocabulary as quickly as possible, it would be the word can’t.  It is such a limiting word.

When you get down to it, it’s not that our friends can’t afford to get healthy as you will often see these folks out and about during the week. They are the same ones you run into at the restaurant because they eat out several times a week or you will see them getting their nails done like clockwork every two weeks.  It’s not that they can’t get healthy, it’s that they WON’T make changes to get healthy. What is important to understand is without your health, you have nothing.  You can work your butt off scratching and clawing your way to move up the ladder at work, but if you’re being unhealthy while you do it, how much of that money will you be able to enjoy if you become ill?  Taking that a step further, how helpful will you be to your family if you are in the hospital?  Your health is worth quite a bit more when you think of it in those terms isn’t it?
How Much Is Your Health Worth
This article isn’t to tell you to go out and join a gym. How you choose to get healthy is your decision. What this article is designed to do is to help you understand that your health is just as important as everything else you do every day.   Let’s break down the excuses so many people use.
Excuse #1 “can’t afford to eat healthy”. Do you run through a fast food joint and spend $7 on lunch several times a week? Not only is that food highly processed its expensive too if you compare it to heading to the grocery store each week and preparing your lunch.   A little planning will go a long way to helping you to eat healthier.  Sit down each weekend and plan your family’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the following week and shop accordingly.
How about “can’t afford a gym membership?” That’s okay you don’t have to because there are plenty of sidewalks and roads you can walk, run, or bike to get your miles in.  If you think going to the gym would be motivation for you, then find the money it will cost you to join.   Maybe eliminate that morning espresso coffee run that takes $5 out of your wallet every time you do it. Even if you stop for coffee only twice a week, you will save $40 a month by not stopping.

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How about “can’t afford to work with a fitness coach?”  Eliminating the coffee runs each month will help you afford a gym membership and most gyms offer a free training session to get you started.  Need another session? How about skipping that nail appointment or maybe go out to dinner one less evening during the month.
Think of making the choices whether you get healthy or not as being at a cross-road in your life.  Will you choose to make changes for a healthier you or will you continue down the path of can’t? Life is meant to be lived.  If you aren’t healthy, how are you going to live your life the way you want to live it?  Make one healthy choice.  Now make another.  See? You’re on your way to healthier you. Baby steps my friend. Need help?  Email me at to join my next group and let’s get started. Click here and I will contact you within one business day to get you moving forward:
To your health,