As I sit in my office writing this, it amazes me that it’s already the middle of October and the holidays kick off in about two weeks beginning with Halloween.  Where in the world did this year go?  Luckily, it is never too soon to start thinking of how to stay on track through the holiday season.  Below are holiday eating tips to help you breeze through the next few months and enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.

  1. Trim back the “decorating” on your plate.  What do I mean by this?  It means to cut back on the extras that can quickly add up to unwanted calories.  These extras include butter, gravy, cheese, whipped cream and other sauces.  A piece of pumpkin pie WITH whipped topping is about 529 calories.  A piece of pumpkin pie WITHOUT whipped topping is approximately 316 calories.  These numbers will vary based on the size of the slice of pie so be sure to watch your portions.
  2. Stay on track with eating your meals and snacks.  When you keep your body fueled throughout the day, it is much easier to resist the treats and other goodies.
  3. Chew gum.  Chewing gum keeps your mouth occupied and helps you stop grabbing hors d’oeuvres as they are passing by you and popping them in your mouth.  You’d have to get rid of the gum first which might not be as easy as you might think in the middle of a party.
  4. Wear clothes that are just a wee bit snug.  Why?  You’ll be so focused holding your tummy in that you won’t want to snack!
  5. Even better than snug jeans?  Skip the appetizers completely and wait for the meal.  Skipping the appetizers will leave you wiggle room so you can enjoy dessert.
  6. Alternate alcohol drinks with water.  Stay sober while saving calories. Win-win situation!
  7. Limit what you put on your plate.  Choose the food you know that you like and skip “trying” foods you’ve never tasted before.
  8. Have fun!  Socialize and catch up with friends you have not seen lately.  Play holiday games with the kids.  Invite everyone to get up and dance with you.  The parties that are the most fun are those that have dancing and other fun activities.
  9. We all know kids that are picky eaters.  Be a picky eater at holiday parties.  Skip the dips, salads, entrees that you eat all year and savor the special holiday dishes.
  10. Most important?  Have fun and enjoy the parties

The holidays are much more than food.  This is the time of year where we are thankful for everything we have along with catching up with family and friends we might not see the rest of the year.  Just have fun.

To your health,