Have yourself a merry little Fit-mas!

You know what? I was thinking to myself today where in the world did this year go?  This is Christmas week and next week puts us in the beginning of 2017. Was thinking back over the past year and the many ups and downs but for the most part, 2016 was a pretty good year.

My husband is Italian and every year we do a BIG Italian Christmas dinner complete with lasagna loaded down with gooey cheese and garlic knots. His mom, his grandmother and his great-grandmother all created these huge feasts and the tradition continues in my home. Yes there is a salad but we all know the lasagna is the main event. Since my husband is Italian he does ALL the cooking – nothing comes out of a jar – and the cooking will start on Thursday. Heaven forbid if we were to use sauce out of a jar – my mother-n-law would roll over in her grave.  As I don’t like to cook this totally works for me 😉

Does this mean because I eat clean and watch carbs that I cannot enjoy this traditional dinner? Absolutely not.  My daughters will be here with their significant others and I will truly enjoy the day making memories and not worrying so much about counting carbs.

It’s important to remember what this season is about and not to stress yourself out while you enjoy your holiday dinner. The most important thing?  Make memories with your family and friends while staying aware of what you are eating and drinking.  Here are a few tips to help you stay on track.

Merry Fit-Mas Tips:

  • Stay on track with your normal eating habits.  If you eat breakfast first thing after you wake-up in the morning, do it during the holidays as well. The closer you stay to your normal eating patterns, the easier it will be to stay on track when your holiday favorites are on the table right in front of you. Take a little bit of all your favorite foods then when you are finished, step away from the table. Maybe take a walk or enjoy the kids playing with their new toys. Why? To allow your stomach to signal to your brain that you’re content.
  • The holidays are also the season of excess when it comes to alcoholic beverages.  This is one area you need to keep track of ESPECIALLY if you are driving. Today’s Public Service Announcement – DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!  If you are going to indulge give your keys to someone who is able to drive and not drinking.  The other way to keep your alcohol in check is to opt for water every other drink.  That will not only cut your alcohol consumption but will keep you hydrated as well  which will help you the following morning.
  • Do you normally exercise most days?  Myself as an example, I walk my dog just about every day unless I have an appointment early in the morning.  It’s part of my day and to be honest? There is nothing I enjoy more than walking my dirt country road, smelling the freshness and chatting with neighbors as they drive by.  The folks on my dirt road know that I am there most mornings and slow down as they pass me and my rescue dog, Scotchie.  Quick shout out to my neighbors – Merry Christmas and thank you for being so courteous!  Now the folks on the main road? That’s another issue – SLOW DOWN.

And that is it my friends.  Don’t make staying on track more difficult than it needs to be. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

To your health,