Don’t Think About What You CAN’T Do. Think About What You CAN Do.

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Each week I receive several emails and messages that all start the say way – “Hi Denise.  I want to get healthy. Can you help me?”  I always respond sure – let’s get you going. Tell me what you’re doing now. AND that is when a whole can of worms opens up starting with “I can’t do this …….  or I can’t eat this …….. or I can’t exercise because……”

Let’s start with “I can’t do this…..” or “I can’t exercise because…..”  This is probably a response I receive just as much as “I can’t eat this……”  It really bugs me when anyone starts a sentence with I can’t.  I can’t run, walk, Zumba, bike, because:

  • I have bad knees, bad feet, bad back and the list goes on and on (there are many other things you CAN do).
  • I can’t dance. (So what?  What does that have to do with anything? If you are thinking people are going to be watching you, let me reassure you that they are not. They are too focused watching what the instructor is doing.)
  • I’m not coordinated. (Again so what? There are many things you can do that does not require a lot of coordination. Start by taking a 10 minute walk and build from there.)

Next, I can’t eat this because:

  • I don’t like “diet” foods.  (Newsflash – neither do I.  I eat real food in the correct portions.)
  • I can’t afford to eat healthy. (It might take some planning but you can eat a healthy lunch and probably for less than what you’re paying when you fly through a fast food drive through on your 30 minute lunch break. Have you checked the prices of a “meal” lately?)
  • It’s too hard to stay on a diet.  (Well if you’re only eating lettuce and tuna, yes, it would be hard to stick to such a severe diet that doesn’t allow you to eat a range of foods.  Balance and variety is key not only for health but to keep you on track.)

So many folks make getting a healthy a chore when it is really just about making choices today for a healthier you tomorrow. It reminds me of marketing which I do for a living not only for my businesses but also my client’s businesses. Many people think that marketing is advertising which is similar to many people thinking being healthy is a diet. The fact of the matter is that they are two very different things.

If you want sales TODAY, you advertise for a sale today.  You might see an uptick in sales but it will only last for a short time unless you constantly advertise.  If you want long term sales and a profitable business, you must build great customer relationships and goodwill through a marketing plan you put in place. Ditto if you want to try to lose 5 pounds, you can beat yourself up trying to eat an unrealistic diet and overexercise today but as soon as you go back to what is “normal” for you, you will quickly regain that 5 pounds.  The key to getting healthy and fit is just like it is with marketing and anything else you want to be successful at.  You put a long term program in place to not only help you lose the weight to get healthy but to keep it off by living a healthy lifestyle of eating clean and exercise.

Consistency is key for anything you want to be successful at whether it’s business, health, wellness, finances, and even our relationships.  Do what you know you need to do today for a better tomorrow.  You GOT this.  Need help? Reach out to us.  We’re always here for you.

To your health,


Denise Sanger

Denise is passionate about health, marketing and giving back.  She has created and sold several businesses and now brings that knowledge and experience to helping small businesses build their brand and culture. Denise also loves helping people on their fitness journey and operates on online fitness consulting business. Reach out to Denise at