Saturday, January 20, 2018

Who is Denise

Denise Sanger lives a life split between her love for fitness and her love of marketing in beautiful Suwannee County, Florida.   A former chubby, curvy girl, Denise added clean eating to exercise to become the curvy yet fit girl she is today.  Denise always tells people she never has been a skinny Minnie but health and fitness is more important than being skinny.  That is the message she brings to her clients as she motivates them to begin their own fitness journey to health through her writing and classes.

This site was created to provide one place for people to get the assistance they need for their health OR for their business. Denise’s specialty is her compassion for people embarking on journeys that will change their lives forever.

This is a message from Denise for future fitness clients both for online personal training or local personal training in Live Oak or Lake City Florida areas:

“I want my clients to have the fitness experience of their lives while creating new lifestyle habits that will eliminate the word diet from their vocabularies”.

The goal of this fitness program is to bring individualized help and attention to each client.  This personalized style quickly allows clients to reach their health, nutrition and wellness goals. If you have had enough dieting to last a lifetime and are ready to live a healthy lifestyle, Denise is the coach for you.  Call her at 386/292-6105 or email her at  She’s waiting to hear from you.

Hire Denise for your next speaking engagement

Denise is a fitness instructor committed to helping others live their life healthy.  One size does not fit all and one program won’t work for everyone.  Denise understands this and brings a health and wellness approach to each speaking engagement with the focus being on living a healthier lifestyle. This includes nutrition, exercise, emotional and mental well-being.  A philosophy that is much needed in a world that relies on pills and quick fixes.

In addition, Denise has struggled with her weight and most recently since her hysterectomy.  She understands the peaks and valleys of the process of taking that first step toward a healthy lifestyle.  Denise loves working with children, seniors and everyone in between.  She currently teaches several fitness classes including Silver Sneakers, HIIT, Zumba, Strong by Zumba and Gentle Flow Hatha Yoga Level 1. Each class is designed specifically for the attendees.  Denise brings this same niche focus to speaking engagements and appearances ensuring your event is a success.

In addition, Denise helps and guides beginners to live their healthiest life along with those that are training for endurance events such as marathons or triathlons. If your brand or organization like to hire Denise for a speaking engagement, please email her at or call 386/292-6105.

Denise’s Marketing Mission

Denise has been in the business and marketing arenas for almost 3 decades.  With a love of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing, Denise helps small businesses develop strong online business presence through niche specific content writing, social media marketing and brand distinction.

Denise is also an expert in local business marketing and loves her clients in Suwannee, Hamilton, Columbia, Madison, Levy, Alachua and throughout North Florida.  She has developed and sold 3 businesses in the wedding and jewelry industries and currently own a wholesale toy & gift distribution company and fitness businesses.

By keeping current with the ever changing internet, Denise ensures that Sanger Marketing is a leader in eCommerce, social media marketing, direct response marketing, copywriting, content development, sales and marketing.

To schedule a consulation, please call Denise at 877/950-7665.


Our Team is not just one person.  Family focus is not just at home – it’s business too.


Giving back is  the main focus of and Sanger Marketing.  Denise’s focus is bring change and support to non-profits in the United States.  Her heart lies with helping children and animals.  We want to empower other small businesses to pay forward and support causes they believe in.


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