• carbs-good-v-bad denisesanger.com

    Carbs – good or bad?

    To eat carbs or not to eat carbs? That is the question. The strangest thing happened while I was training for my marathon – I gained weight.  Four months of run training three to four times per week in addition to the fitness classes I teach and personally take, and I come off the marathon […]

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  • How Knitting Can Make You Healthier DeniseSanger.com

    Can Knitting Make You Healthier?

    Can Knitting Make You Healthier? Is it true that knitting may make you healthier?  I have crocheted, quilted and even cross stitched a time or two but knitting is something that I have never tackled.  No particular reason I haven’t tried to knit except that I don’t know many people who knit to be honest.  Yet […]

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  • The Truth About Sugar DeniseSanger.com

    The Truth About Sugar

    The Truth About Sugar Do you wonder why we are told that too much sugar is not good for us?  I’m not sure about you but when I do indulge in sugar in the form of candy or cake, it seems I cannot get enough of it – almost like an addiction.  So many times, […]

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