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    Stop Playing The Blame Game With Your Health

    Are you playing the blame game? Want to make your health a priority?  Take a moment and really think about this question.  What’s stopping you?  Do you find yourself playing the blame game and blaming everyone and everything for why aren’t taking care of yourself? Kids keep you too busy. Husband doesn’t like you at […]

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    The Truth About Sugar

    The Truth About Sugar Do you wonder why we are told that too much sugar is not good for us?  I’m not sure about you but when I do indulge in sugar in the form of candy or cake, it seems I cannot get enough of it – almost like an addiction.  So many times, […]

  • what is your fitness why denisesanger.com

    What is your fitness why?

    What is your fitness why? Many folks say they want to get fit and healthy but just cannot seem to get started.  I have personally been in that same spot many times over including right now.  As I write this, I am the final weeks of training for the Marine Corps Marathon.  A marathon is […]

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  • How Much Is Your Health Worth DeniseSanger.com

    How MUCH Is Your Health Worth?

    HOW MUCH IS YOUR HEALTH WORTH? If there is something that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wrap my brain around, it is when someone tells me they can’t afford to get healthy for one reason or another. They “can’t” afford to eat healthy. They “can’t” afford to go to the gym.   They […]

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    Get paid to lose!

      BEACHBODY HEALTH BET – GET PAID TO GET HEALTHY   GET PAID TO GET HEALTHY!   Join my Challenge Group for a chance to earn your share of the over $1 Million dollar prize pool!* Want to get paid for getting healthy and fit? Then join me and participate in the Beachbody® Health Bet! […]

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